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An experimental typeface based on the structure of pseudohexagonal crystals.

Getting It Wrong
Brady Boyle
Fun with Basics
Pong Ko

Every once in a while, it is rewarding to start with the basics and just make something.

Reductive Essence
Liscelyn Grifal

An exploration to see if shapes and color can convey the essence of a given place.

Zienka & Monroe

A series of analogue posters based on familiar icons and graphic systems.

T. Mayer-Rothbarth

MetaLayers explores the fundamentals of typography, color, form and negative space.

Damien Webb

An exploration into dreamscapes using collected and personal imagery that feels like scenes in a play.

Stan Zienka
Neha Hattangdi

A short film about the same minute, simultaneously occurring in different parts of the world.

Geoff Phillips

A sculptural series questioning the idea that “nature” is distinct from human creation.

Beau Monroe

An exploration of one person's emotion in relation to another's.

Liscelyn Grifal

Exploring meaning in the everyday mundane, proving that the mundane is still a moment.

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